Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Morbid Angel Practicing In A Storage Space

If you've ever gone to see a friend's band practice you know it's the most depressing and boring thing you could possibly do, but when the band is Morbid Angel, the location is a Florida storage space, and the year is 1990...you know you're in for a rare treat.

A few things to notice:

00:01 - Pete Sandoval's awful, and uneven double-bass technique
00:07 - Drywall and stud construction within the practice space to keep the noise down, and potentially kill Pete Sandoval from heat exhaustion
01:06 - David Vincent's amazing boots. Perfectly appropriate for Florida. Also, his sweet ride
01:39 - At least David Vincent (a known racist) allows the one minority band member a fan to keep him somewhat cool inside the storage space
03:32 - Pete Sandoval gets yelled at for speeding up
03:55 - Annoying tag-alongs who found out where Morbid Angel practices start making requests (though they don't even know the names of the songs), and David Vincent is having none of it. They simply don't understand his musical genius.

05:22 - David Vincent makes the most un-evil, awful faces in the history of metal
06:44 - A man who appears to be a shirtless Mike Browning from Nocturnus (and previously Morbid Angel) shows us just how little you can wear and still be considered "clothed" according to Florida law.
06:57 - An annoyed David Vincent tells the cameraman to take a hike


  1. i wish we had video of richard christy sleeping in his metal shack!

  2. the idea of any evil band practicing is pretty lame. i mean, if they are SO evil, why do they need to practice? they should just use their evilness to kick ass w/o having to practice. practicing is NOT evil! they should be killing puppies instead!

  3. I loved in Florida between 90 and 93 and saw a ton of this.

    Athiest practiced in the same complex along with a million other bands. I was there a lot. (Not with Morbid though)it was actually pretty cool to drive through there and hear a bunch of different known bands practicing.

    Everyone would migrate around and listen to each other and smoke each other out.

    It was BRUTALLY hot. Easy into the mid 100's, and a fan almost made it worse. I have no idea how drummers survived.