Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Amazing Moments In Black Metal Video Hisotry

Most people have probably already seen this Immortal video for the song "Call Of The Wintermoon", but much like National Lampoon's Vacation, everytime it's on...I have to watch it. My personal favorite detail in the video is the grumpy guy with the witch hat from the dollar store. Check it.

Another classic, this time from the Czech band Maniac Butcher. Once you get past the very long fire intro, you will see unbelievable things. How many black metal videos feature air-guitar playing? This one does. How many black metal videos feature street construction cones covered with black pillow cases to hold up tiki torches? This one does. You can just picture the families trying to have a picnic in the park running into these two fools. I feel embarrassed just watching the video.

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  1. This probably doesn't count, but my personal favorite: