Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This is our neighborhood!

This rare gem of an audio clip, found on WFMU's site, brings us a short performance of the infamous A.C. with some clever Seth Putnam vs audience banter. Apparently some chick in the crowd doesn't know how to take a joke. If she can't take the brutality of seeing A.C. maybe she should have stayed at home to listen to some hippie crap like CRASS or Santana. You can hear what only appears to be Seth berating various show goers and a girl crying. All very funny. He also tries to start another song midway through the girl bellyaching about how he must hate womyn.

Lesson learned: People in California do not seem to enjoy fun.

Info is as follows:

"LIVE AT NIGHTBREAK S.F. CA 8-/6/93" by Anal Cunt

A live set that lasted for about 3 minutes followed by an argument between singer Seth Putnam, the audience, and a girl Seth had just hit in the face with a microphone...Seth spent that night in jail.


  1. this is fucking brilliant!!
    i saw AC in detroit once and seth got into a screaming match with some rednecks in the back, he came down to the floor and threw a folding chair at them. he hit some girl wearing cowboy boots. he got back onstage and did a song called "fuck michigan rednecks" or something like that. meatshits were suppossed to play, too, but cancelled :(