Friday, January 18, 2008

File under: Who gives a shit.

After watching the Cemetery Gates video about six times while eating my chili, i started to think a little about the motivation behind it. I was bored and had nothing else to do. Chili eating has that moment where the world stops and you begin a journey of exploration into the minds of others. You also try to control your gas. It is a tough journey. No one ever said life was easy.

So I begin and I move forward. The result? if i was to go to get a Master’s degree, it would be called “Retards and the Why?” and it would involve this guy. As a fan of metal I am sure he is not getting any tail, so I imagine he has a lot of time on his hands. So he has decided to teach us how to sing and wear bad facial hair.

The first video up is a lovely little instructional video of how to scream from C5 to C6 as a slide the metal way.

He also has a tribute to Sebastian Bach.

I would recommend subscribing to him or at least bookmarking his own page.



  1. jesus christ what a faggot. my favorite parts are 1) that this is on Hi8 or some other bogus tape format 2) he is always chewing gum 3) it looks like they shot these in the living room of his trailer

  2. The gum chewing. The... gum... chewing. Holy shit. Where do you find these gems? I was laughing out loud in my cube at work over this. Hilarious. This guy could kick my ass, but hilarious. It's like he has to have the gum to sing. Without it, he'd sound like the guy in that video of the band covering "The Final Countdown" that I just watched like 15 seconds of I wish he would do more "instruction" and less singing, because you just KNOW he's drop some absolute bombs of knowledge...

  3. Figures that the bitch would be a Notre Dame fan, after all aren't all ND fans bitches?

  4. Hoho, that guy is hilarious. This is my favorite, though:

  5. he looks really pissed... I mean... I guess I would be too, but I'm just saying...