Thursday, January 31, 2008

Glenn Danzig talks martial arts

As if Glenn Danzig's obsession with comic books, voodoo, and sexy vampiresses wasn't enough to make him the ultimate nerd, it turns out he's also into martial arts. I'm not quite sure why so many nerds think it's cool to put on a goofy outfit and punch the air, but they sure do. Overcompensation for feelings of inadequacy I guess. Who knows. In any case, though, it's pretty funny to watch Glenn Danzig talk about Bruce Lee and punch focus mitts in the basement gym at some Holiday Inn.


  1. there´s a video on the web where he tries his JKD skills on some other guy and gets knocked out within seconds!

  2. yeah and your comment is on those sites too, I lost count how many. Seriously do you boy from the Arizona Kings sit on your asses all day waiting for something on Danzig to show up so you can make that statement. Really, I want to know.

    Then again, as fat as the A.K. are, the answer is yes.

    this will tell you what it is makes you behave and believe what you shmucks say about others