Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As It Turns Out, Someone Can Riff Faster Than Dave Mustaine

I remember seeing an interview (in Metal Maniacs I believe) in which Dave Mustaine claimed that no one in the world could riff faster than him,

"...maybe someone could solo faster, but not riff faster".

Well Mr. Mustaine, meet your match. The guy in this video is about as un-metal as it gets, but look at his speed. This guy can probably play "Holy Wars" ten times over during the time that Mustaine and his pasty white ass are tuning up his dual-neck Jackson flying V.

One last Mustaine note, please enjoy one of the lamest moments in metal history ever put on film. Mustaine and Lars Ulrich crying to a therapist in the movie Some Kind Of Monster. Note Ulrich's dyed hair, a desperate attempt to look current by appropriating a look that is perhaps only current to a raver in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

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