Monday, January 28, 2008

Crowbar: Heaviest band ever?

Seriously I'd hate to be the safety inspector at any of the ratty clubs these guys played in the 90s, I'd have to imagine even the sturdiest stage buckling under their immense bulk... the singer looks like a bull walrus, bloated after gorging himself on fatty sardines all winter. They're so massive their guitars look like those inflatable toy ones you'd get from a machine at the county fair.

I can't imagine they made a whole lot of money, so they probably had some lean nights on tour. That's when I'd be scared to be the drummer, the only skinny guy in the band. I'm picturing them on tour in Nebraska in the dead of winter, the tour bus driving down the cold road, no food in sight. The singer and bassist turn to look a the drummer, and he turns into a big steak like in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon, saliva dripping from the corners of their gargantuan mouths.

But seriously folks... I fucking love Crowbar.


  1. whats up with the myspace camera angle

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