Monday, January 28, 2008

Exodus' Gary Holt, Thrash Metal Spokesman

This video reminds me of how I felt when I was 13, and every adult was hassling me for wearing my Kreator shirt along with the ill-fitting sweatpants I loved so much.

It's funny to see Gary Holt get hassled pretty much the same way I did back in the day by a guy with a 20 dollar suit and a haircut that his wife gave him. One thing that is a bit odd, is that Gary answers the questions regarding writing songs about satan as though Exodus wrote such lyrics. Gary should simply say "Man, I've been working on some sweet lyrics for a tune I want to call 'Toxic Waltz', check 'em out, they even mention monkeys and insurance"

Used to do the monkey, but now it's not cool
The twist and mash potato are no exception to the rule
So don't be a dunce and dance like a runt
Just throw your elbows with good friendly violent fun
Don't start to cry
If you get a black eye
Just dive back in
And give another try
But too much action
May leave you in traction
So you better get insurance

We can all laugh at Gary Holt for being a bit of an idiot, but we should also think about the fact that in this video, he's sliding into the strike zone and taking one for the team. Team metal.


  1. how old was gary holt when he suffered severe head trauma?

  2. The song "A Lesson in Violence" did refer to Satan.

    "If you got something to say
    Then come my way
    I'm guarded by Satan
    I'm riding on Baphomet

    I'll teach you a lesson in violence
    You won't soon forget
    The pleasure of watching you die
    Is what I will get"