Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nitro potpurri

It's no secret that NITRO is one of my favorite bands in the world. What's unfortunate is that not nearly enough kids these days know about them, so I thought I'd share some choice selections.

Figure 1: Video for "Freight Train"

Figure 2: Jim Gillette hits an insane scream

Figures 2a, 2b: Others follow his lead

Figure 3: Bobby Rock's incredible website

Figure 3b: A sample from Bobby Rock's upcoming book "Hypothetical Erotica"
From there, you will be given 20 minutes alone for "self-exploration," just to check out your new body and see how everything works. Then, you are to join the woman you saw in the mock hotel setting for a 45-minute sexual escapade, which will include, among other things, mutually administered oral sex. Afterward, you are to return to the original bed with the headgear, where your consciousness will be shifted back into your body. You will then wake up, and while your body was not actually involved, you will retain all knowledge, memory and sensation of the experience.

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