Monday, January 14, 2008

Cannibal Corpse: Death metal meets Down's Syndrome

The mind of Chris Barnes must be amazing for its childlike simplicity. Cannibal Corpse was always kind of amazing for being completely retarded, but Six Feet Under takes that retardedness to a whole new level. This video reminds me of something a digital design sophomore would do for his final project- only the year is 1990, and he's just learning how to use Video Toaster, and his main inspiration is Monty Python and his wizard-shaped bong.

But Chris Barnes isn't the only retard to sing for Cannibal Corpse. Corpsegrinder is also subhumanly stupid... but you knew that, because he nicknamed himself "Corpsegrinder." Just look at him, he looks like a mildly retarded teenager that you would see drooling over the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in the aisles of Barnes & Noble while his keeper tugs on his leash to restrain him from masturbating on the spot. You have probably already seen this video, but if not, please watch it immediately. I promise it's worth it.


  1. "And I don’t play no fucking homo alliance either. I don’t play no fucking night elves or gnomes. It’s fucking orcs and undead."

  2. I once talked to Corpsegrinder after a show, and this is EXACTLY like conversing him! I couldn't get away from the guy fast enough!!

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