Friday, January 18, 2008

You are bewiiiiiiiiiitched

1. Clearly they did not find their singer by placing a classified ad that specified "pro gear and looks."

2. "My fingers they dance upon the strings like fiiire."

3. I bet if you showed this to a 19-year old kid these days he would think it was a Tenacious D bit.

4. The singer gets his hair cut by the same guy as Shane Embury.


  1. that looks just like the chick from partridge family....what the hell was her name?

  2. when they show the zombied out headbangers behind him,the first one you see right behind him is Dead from sure theres some other people in there too,but i dont know how.

  3. I'll always think he looks totally boss when he's stomping on stage with his robe!