Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thrash Metal, Jersey Style!

Whenever I hear people talk about thrash metal it’s always the same thing. Lääz Rockit this and Vio-lence that. “Forbidden is so sick!” “You want REAL thrash metal? Listen to “Bonded by Blood!” I say fuck that West Coast Bay Area pussy shit. You want REAL thrash metal—go to New Jersey! That’s right. Don’t rub your eyes or try to adjust your computer screen, you read it right the first time—New Jersey. The Garden State, my home, has spawned some of the greatest and most underappreciated thrash metal bands of all time. You want proof? Here it is…

Blood Feast


Gothic Slam


  1. is "gothic slam" a dish at denny's? can i get you some black lipstick with your mallgunt?

  2. Whiplash's 'Ticket to Mayhem' album - 1,000,000 stars.

  3. I love Blood Feast. Though their second LP suck balls..."Kill for pleasure" is still an underrated classic!

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