Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nothing Says "Class" Like A Tasteful Darkthrone Timepiece

Black Metal worked best when the pioneers of its second wave lurked in the shadows of Norway's metal scene. At least it appeared that way from afar, since we didn't see them shopping for Billy shelves at Ikea and living with their parents. Nevertheless, the image of Black Metal has been ruined by color photography and flashy videos. Oh, and Darkthrone watches. Yes, as part of Darkthrone's official merchandise offerings, there are now multiple Darkthrone watches here, each with a comprehensive warranty. Oh boy.


  1. this link took me to a totally sweet avenged sevenfold watch also, thanks metal inquisition!

  2. how about a KRONOS-graph lolololz!

  3. i wonder if Danny Spitz (licensed watchmaker) worked on these suckaz.