Monday, February 11, 2008

A Fireside Chat With Anthrax

Did you ever wonder how a band like Anthrax was able to overcome unbelievable odds and become one of the leading second rate thrash bands of the late 80s? In this up-close and personal interview, band members discuss this very topic as well as others that should be of great interest to any fan. As you enjoy this video content, please take note of the following items.

1. Sweet high-tops
2. Frank Bello's purple polo shirt
3. Annoying New York accents
4. All their haircuts are delicately manicured into the same topiary-like shape. The structure, volume and shape is amazing. One oval shape as the top, two Pluto (as in, the dog) like ears down the sides. The images below illustrate the underlying structure of their topiary hair.


  1. What the fuuuuuuck!? Video's gone!? Already!? And I was listening to Anthrax all afternoon, it would've been the perfect close to the day... damnit.

  2. Wait, nevermind, now it's there. YouTube is just acting retarded.

    I thought for a minute there they were gonna break into a fireside acoustic rendition of "Startin' Up a Posse", though clearly this was filmed many years prior...

    Seriously, I do love Anthrax, though. Everything.

  3. Oops. NOT everything. I fucked that part up. NOT everything. They did a few terrible albums. I don't want to post three comments in a row, but I can't possibly allow anyone to think that I believe every Anthrax album is tolerable.

  4. i love how scott and charlie (who looks mighty plump in this video) are breaking it down for the kids...telling them how it really is in the biz. by the way, they were featured in a home video called "how to break into the business of heavy metal" or something like that. it was super funny...but i can't find it. suncoast video used to sell it in like 1990. i'd pay top dollar for that now.

  5. I love the expression "top dollar."