Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tom G. Warrior Hopes You Can Hear How The Beatles Influence Celtic Frost's Music

After years of hearing how Celtic Frost were the heaviest, darkest and most influential band in the world, I finally got my hands on a Celtic Frost album in early 1999. Imagine my surprise when I heard the unbelievable garbage that was coming out of my speakers that day. The album, of course, was Cold Lake. This video shows just how serious these guys were about that record. It was influenced by The Beatles? Uh, okay. This video also shows how really odd looking dudes have trouble doing the glam thing. As it turns out, it takes a mildly good looking guy to look a bit like a mildly good looking woman. Tom G. Warrior is one of the oddest looking dudes on earth so it doesn't work...not even his toned down version of LA glam was mildly convincing. Look at his pointy face and huge adam's apple bounce up and down. Also check out the Aerosmith and LA Guns shirts. Oh boy. Black metal never looked so good.

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  1. Cold Lake fucking rules...Cherry Orchards is a total ripper,try and listen to it without thoughts of imagery and it totaly kills.It may have been a tad misguided(!?!) but I wish CF would take ownership of it and not disown it.If the lyrics were and imagery were different people would probably find it hard to tell the difference musically(to a degree).I think if you want to roll your sleeves up and rock out Cold Lake rules.Fuck Celtic Frost and fuck you Cold Lake makes me rock with my cock out.