Monday, February 4, 2008

Mordred, Leading Musical Innovators And Theorists

Mordred was never even good enough to be at the top of the list of terribly contrived third-rate thrash metal bands. Much like Nocturnus, the guys in Mordred apparently thought that by having a DJ (or in Nocturnus' case a keyboard player) they were, in a sense, splitting a musical atom. Just listen to them talk in great detail about the science of metal and its nomenclature. It's absolutely amazing.

Also note that they seem to take great pride in the fact that they listen to black artists (apparently an unbelievable feat, based on how proud they are), but give themselves away by listing Living Colour only due to their skin color. I bet you these guys are angrily mumbling to themselves today that there would have never been a Limp Bizkit without their musical advancements.

Four other things I love about this video:

1. The drummer referring to himself and Mordred in the third person. Ugh.

2. The bass player breaking down what musical style they now play. "Heavy funk"

3. How the DJ is nowhere to be seen during this interview. The poor dude was a stage prop.

4. The lyrics to the song you hear a bit of in this video, "Everyday's a Holiday," were about how they don't work and they're hella cool because they're in a band. I would just love to blast that song to these dudes now as they walk to work at a distribution warehouse at 4am.

I like to sleep all day
Go to work? Ha, no way
I see you work so hard
To pay your credit card
I see you bust your ass
To buy a new bus pass
So you can go to work
Like every other jerk
Every day's a holiday - Do you know what I mean?
Every day's a holiday
Don't you wish you were just like me?


  1. i'm so happy you posted this! this clip is without a doubt one of my favorite pieces of metal history. the "heavy funk" this is the best... it's one of those moments that just makes you want to throw yourself in front of a bus out of embarrassment for the guy who said it.

  2. also, the drummer says "we incorporated the funk because we were interested in the funk." THE funk?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "'s heavy... and also funky..." What the fuck? That was classic. I thought I remember at least "Fool's Game" being decent, but that song and clip are making me say, "Fuck this band." Wow.

  4. there are many funks. he wanted you to know that they incorporated THE funk, not just any funk. he talks like a baseball or football player.

  5. terrell owens feels that terrell owens will be a force this season

  6. Heathen feels that he worked hard during the off-season, and if Heathen stays in that mind-space he can go all the way. Heathen has incorporated the funnk into his playing style.

  7. funk metal was bad..really bad. i remember i had a friend whod listen to that stupid fungo mungo and psychofunkapus shit and give him hell of shit,and hed get all mad like a girl. what an abomination that music was,glad i never got into it.

  8. I saw Mordred opening up for Death Angel around 1988 or so. A buddy showed up late and asked me how they were, and I said they fuckin' sucked.

    I turned around and the drummer was literally standing a foot away from me looking deeply bummed out. I actually felt bad. I also was slightly worried because he was about 6'5" and could have easily used his retard strength to crush me.

  9. John Omenhiser, that was soo freakin' funny. I was a noisehead, Whitehouse ect whatever who cares. I toyed with metal and picked up discs used. Mordred wasone of them. My metalhead roommate used to insult me to no end because of the bad funk. I believe took it off my hand, hope he enjoys it. Thanks for the flashback!