Saturday, February 2, 2008

Internal Bleeding: We have some tapes for sale, some fuckin' hats.

As the inventors of wigger slam metal,* I love Internal Bleeding with every fiber of my being. But it's not just their music that I like, because wigger slam metal isn't just a genre of music, it's a way of life. It's the words you use, the friends you choose, the way you walk down the street like a fucking hardass because you're listening to Dying Fetus on your cassette Walkman and you feel invincible, it's in every fucking beat of your heart.

Anyway, here is a vintage clip of Internal Bleeding from 1994. If you weren't around back then, you might not know what it was like to be part of the emerging wigger slam scene. You might want to pay close attention to Frank Rini's stage banter because it might as well be the blueprint for what it means to be a slam wigger.

"Thanks a lot for hangin' around, man. Cool fuckin' shit. This is a fuckin' new song. We have some tapes for sale, some fuckin' hats. You fuckers. Fuckin' we're all here to have a good fuckin' time so let's tear this fuckin' place up."

* You can't really credit Suffocation with inventing wigger slam because they actually had black people in the band- I know Internal Bleeding did too but it doesn't really count since he was only on the demo

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