Friday, February 15, 2008

Great moments in metal photography: Gothic Slam

New Jersey often gets made fun of for being New York's retarded cousin. Rather than working towards dispelling that myth, the band Gothic Slam worked hard for years to prove it right. This picture is the crowning jewel of years of work that the band put forth towards that effort.

Please note:
1. A 'fro in a thrash band? Hell to the no. This guy is hard as hell, even though he looks like a muppet.

2. Jersey mustache

3. Jersey Auto shirt. I googled it, but found nothing. Too bad.

4. This guy is so cool that his belt magically stays on, even though it doesn't reach all the way around him. It's a magic Jersey belt I guess.

5. Two band members hooking their thumbs into their jeans, guido style.

6. Cut-off Circle Jerks shirt.

7. Dirtstache, or as I call it "The Jersey City Special"

8. All band member's whose sleeves we can see are cut off.

It's worth noting that Gothic Slam's drummer (who is rocking the anarchy shirt above) now plays in Ill Niño, a band with possibly the worst name ever. I hereby diagnose him with what I call "Robb Flynn's disease", this is when a washed up metal guy tries to make himself relevant and perhaps appear to be more "with it" by getting facial piercings later in life. I will share more examples of this with you in the future.


  1. Man, I knew he was in the "Niño" these days, but he doesn't even look remotely like the same person. Insane.

    Amazing photo. I wish I grew up in New Jersey. Maybe. Probably not really. But yeah... I do. Ha, ha...

  2. Lucho, do you remember that we made an anarchy T-Shirt in 1989 with a black marker? We even have that photo of us playing pool wearing it. I thought we were the only people lame enough to do something like that. i guess not!

  3. I had both Gothic Slam records :)
    was good stuff for the times.
    saw them live once too Dec. '89

  4. The first guy looks like Fez from That '70s Show.