Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Great moments in art history: Obituary

Some things are better when they are worse. For example, nachos. I'm sure there is some gay restaurant in LA that has $25 gourmet nachos, but who wants that? The best nachos are from 7-11, with the thin, orange cheese sauce, old, stale jalapenos, and greasy ground beef on them. You like to slum sometimes.

Such is the case with the cover of Obituary's 1989 masterpiece "Slowly We Rot." I love it because it sucks, not in spite of it sucking. Let's look at some of the things that make it great.

1. The gleaming lens flares on the ends of the logo that really communicate the design intent: "Dude, it looks like the logo is a big fuckin knife!!"

2. The corpse of a lifeless hesher rotting in the street explicitly illustrates the album's title. I like it when artists just get right to the point. There are no sociopolitical comments, it's just a picture of a guy, rotting. Slowly, we assume.

3. "Slowly We Rot" letters are made of puke. This is just a nice touch, they really pushed themselves to make this cover images as icky as possible. Again, nice attention to detail.


  1. i do have to wonder though...is this a 2D representation of an actual 3D event? if so, were the knives int he shape of the logo hovering over the body? i guess we'll never know.

  2. one of my favorites for sure, i love the lurid EC Comics aesthetic

    the back cover is just as good though: the band, silhouetted in front of a pile of burning crap in a similarly dingy back alley, is pretty effective at making a bunch of pasty, skinny heshers look intimidating

  3. DOH! It just occurred to me that I've had 15 dollar nachos in LA! Granted, the portion was HUGE..but it was at what many would call a "gay"restaurant. Good Food Daily in West Hollywood. Crap...I suck.

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