Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ooops, Wrong Cynic + "Where are they now" Tony Choy edition

Apparently the guy booking the Wacken Open Air fest booked the wrong Cynic. He thought he was getting the Florida band with the fancy Jazz chops, but he got the newly reformed NWOBHM band Cynic. A band no one, except for the members' significant others, has ever heard of. Read all about it here.

Why am I posting this? Merely as an excuse to show you what Tony Choy (Cynic, Atheist, Pestilence) looks like now.

No, the "now" picture is not a joke. After his metal years, Tony Choy went on to be in the latino pop band Area 305 (their albums were put out by Univision's record label), as well as to do session work for Julio Iglesias and Juan Gabriel (insanely popular artists in the Spanish speaking market). He's also a latin techno DJ, producer and singer. You can make fun of him, but I'm sure he makes way more money and gets much hotter girls now as a result. Check out his myspace page here. Get ready to listen to his music. Oh my.


  1. this was an ongoing joke between my old band mates.


    we would talk about it in length for no reason.

    god we were dumb.

  2. This causes me physical pain. The music on his MySpace page that is. If he's enjoying himself and making a living then more power to him, but god damn... I'm in pain. He was such a fuckin' sick bassist back in those days.

    Even "Samba Briza" was awesome, ha, ha...

  3. samba briza is by far my favorite atheist song! although "earth" is good too, with the 808 breakdown at the end.