Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Storytime With Bay-Area Thrashers Heathen

Listening to the guys from Heathen tell stories about the days of yore is one of the most mind-numbing activities on the planet. Look, I don't expect guys who can write such heavy riffs* to ALSO be unbelievable raconteurs, but this is just ridiculous.

Also, do you get the feeling that the story about Exodus fans slashing a guy's throat (and certainly killing him) is an insanely huge lie? I don't doubt that metal shows got violent back in the day....I mean, I certainly witnessed some insanely violent shows during my metal years....and yet I never saw actual murder take place due to the material of someone's pants.

Also note:

1. The Lemmy-style cocoa puff on the one guy's forehead
2. The manner in which they manage to break down what type of music they play. All they do, you see, is "find melodic, cool ways to change fast rhythms and brutal riffs and stuff"

* The part about Heathen writing heavy riffs was a joke. They were very low in the riffage scale. Also, like so many thrash bands during that time, they fell into the trap of having a high pitched singer. Look, not everyone can have a Joey Belladonna okay? It's not that easy.

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  1. another one of my favorite things ever! i'm so happy you've started to share these videos. the world would be a little bit sadder without them!