Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obituary don't care if you like their rap influences- they really don't carrrrrre!

Obituary are legends, almost universally respected throughout the metal community, but even they aren't free from controversy. For over a decade, they've angered close-minded metal fans all over the world by doing things differently. For example, read this Youtube comment from a (seemingly foreign) fan who is very angry about the rap song on Obituary's 1994 album "World Demise":
BUT FUCK OFF!!!! back from the dead album just for those goddamn rappers! put down their credibility as a Death Metal band! fuck that shity album! HATRED AGAINS hiphop in REAL METAL NOW! fuck that shit "music" in real METAL!
It also made a lot of people mad when they wore Rollins Band and Red Hot Chili Peppers shirts in the video for "The End Complete." But you know what? They don't care! They really don't care! They care so little, they wrote a song to tell you all about it! They do what they want!


  1. you see? posts like this make me love this blog. thank you, sergeant!

  2. I don't think that skinny tree could support all five members of Obituary. Come on, the brothers Tardy are buff as FUCK!

  3. SO COOL!!!! Stomping around by in a field by some factories, while these choice lines are Tardied:

    Come on, don't do well

    I am by your side
    Tell me you think what to do

    Your ways, I despise
    Go forth and get with your own kind
    We've got fumes to behold
    Setting, one size of fortune

    Farewell to great friends

    I really don't care!

    Obituary is the COOLEST!!!!!!!!!!

  4. and what about there song they did with Necro. insaneology and empowered?!?!