Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Way We Were...

I wonder if this is exactly what I sounded, and looked like to my parents and other adults around me in 1992. To be fair, I was cooler because I wore sweatpants 24-7.

Also, how huge has Phil Rind from Sacred Reich gotten? Jesus. His bass is starting to look smaller and smaller, he's getting dangerously close to Crowbar territory. It's hard to take songs about how stupid and ignorant Americans are (no matter how true) when they are coming out of a huge fat, white dude that looks like Fred Flintstone. Looks like he ate too many pork-rinds! Ha, ha. Get it? Rind is his last name. My comedic engine is firing on all four cylinders today!


  1. Man, Sacred Reich had some badass t-shirts back in the day...

    Odd that I randomly had "Surf Nicaragua" stuck in my head yesterday. I haven't heard that song in forever.

  2. I have a poster with that silly skull design that's on the shirt on the dude to the left. I tried sticking it on the window in the living room but got foiled by the sun that melted the fucking duct tape on the back and shot it to the ground. Can't ever win.

    Incidentally I never understood what was good about Sacred Reich on any other record than "The American way." Then again, being European, I can't really be expected to make much sense.

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  4. haha! i wore my sacred reich shirt just the other shit! as an undershirt of course, but i wore it!

    when i win the lottery im gonna start a sacred reich tribute band. the reason i have to wait til i win the lottery is cuz im gonna have to pay top dollar for anyone to want to join a SR tribute band. i do love them, tho, that's for sure!

  5. dude i love "independent." that is a sweet record from beginning to end. totally underrated.