Monday, February 11, 2008

Iron Maiden Unveils Airplane. Manowar Unveils New Cargo Van With Working Tape Player.

Iron Maiden has unveiled their preferred mode of transportation during their latest tour. Ed Force One is the plane's name. It's somewhat impressive, but don't think they own it. Even Travolta has trouble paying for the upkeep on such a machine. It's a leased jet from Flystar airlines. Not to be outdone, Manowar has announced their new mode of transportation, a 1994 cargo van with a working tape player. Lovingly referred to as "Man-van" (note the double-entendre), the vehicle will become Manowar's lone touring vehicle in the U.S.

Back to Maiden, I know they're using the visuals for the World Slavery Tour, since that's the focus of this tour, but how cool would it be if they used the Eddie from Aces High or Tailgunner? Come on now.


  1. hmmm... funny how eric adams is not projecting a shadow in the photo. must be that the Man-Van is so powerful that it sucks all sun-light!

  2. joey demaio rides a snowmobile. by the highway.