Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Members of Forbidden speak about the "aggressivness of melody"

This interview brings back amazing memories. I honestly remember trying to dress like these guys at one point in my life. The fact that I actually owned a denim vest is amazing to me. I distinctly remember buying white Adidas hightops at Marshalls, and rocking those bitches with black sweatpants. I still love "Twisted To Form", though I generally dislike thrash metal with melodic vocals...but damn they nailed it! Perhaps it was their understanding of the "aggressiveness of melody" that made it all come together.

As always, here's the rundown of things to look out for:

1. The only guy in this interview who is not living with his parents right now is Paul Bostaph due to his years with Slayer. Good for him.
2. Brutal unibrow on the second guy who talks

3. Nice Joe Satriani shirt
4. First dude who talks is wearing his pants up so high, that even midwestern moms are like "dude, you can lower those a bit"


  1. The adidas high-tops you bought were black, the white ones were Reebok. Dude, how can you forget important shit like this?

  2. "Twisted Into Form" is the greatest thrash album of all time. It pains me that so few people realize this fact.

    And dude, is Bostaph wearing a fucking Gumby t-shirt!?


  4. no no...white adidas. all white. i had a pair of white/blue, then black/white reeboks. i forget not.

  5. i never could stand this band. too pretty boy-ish and "cool".

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